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Hidden leaks are dangerous and can cause extensive damage to your property.

Broken seals, damaged pipe joints, clogged lines, obtrusive tree roots, loose and poorly installed water connections, and excessive water pressure are some of the common causes of these mysterious leaks. 

No matter how small a leak is, if it is left undetected and unaddressed, it may get worst and cause for the property owners, such as higher utility bills, structural damage, and water wastage.

Therefore, timely detection of a leak is important.

We at David Plumbing Services have all the knowledge, skills, and equipment to detect and fix every out of the sight leak.

We use non-invasive equipment and methods to detect leaks in even the hardest to reach areas to prevent damage often caused by conventional methods like digging or drilling.

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slab leak detection

Slab Leak Detection Valencia

Mold growth and cold or warm spots on either carpet or the entire floor are some of the common signs of leaky slabs. 

Overlooking these signs can lead to severe structural and foundation damage, therefore, do not delay seeking our assistance. 

Our specialists will use electronic pipeline locators and electronic amplification equipment to reach every suspicious region beneath the slab and pinpoint the exact leak location, and repair it accurately.

Drainpipe and Sewer Leak Detection

If you feel a squishy or damp floor beneath your feet, it is highly likely that your drain sewer or drainpipes are leaking.

Our technicians will utilize specialized sewer cameras to get a high-resolution image of the sewage and drain systems from the inside, which helps us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Detect and Repair a Toilet Leak

 A running toilet is the most conspicuous indication of a toilet leak. However, other types of leaks, such as those caused by cracks in the tank, or improperly repaired worn-out toilet gaskets and seals, are also common. Call us and we will find the underlying cause of the leak quickly and efficiently.

Faucet Leak Detection

Your faucets may get leaked on the handle, aerators, or under the sink. 

Whatever the case, if you are unable to locate the source of the leak, contact us and let us find the leak.

Water Heater Leak Detection and Repair

Corrosion in the tank is the most prevalent cause of water heater leaks. However, leakage can also occur at the pressure relief valve and drain valve. Contact us to make an accurate diagnosis of the leak.

Toilet Repair

Hidden Leak Repair Services Valencia (818)928-3208

Once the source of the leak is accurately identified, we will provide the most suitable solution for a repair. No matter how complex the leak, we will work efficiently to fix it.

Valencia Leak Detection Specialists You Can Trust

If you suspect that you might have a hidden water leak, don’t wait for it to become worse and cost you a lot of money. Reach out to us at Call: (818)928-3208 for an precise and efficient leak detection and repair service.