Slow Draining Sink

What causes slow draining sink and how to fix it

A slow draining sink causes serious inconvenience, especially when you need to use the sink often. Imaging a busy restaurant or household where you need to clean the dishes often.

If the sink is slow draining, it can even cause unpleasant smell that is disgusting . If a slowly draining sink is not fixed early, this can result into serious problems. In other words, when experiencing a slow draining sink, the appropriate action is calling a plumber immediately.

In this post, I want to cover some of the reasons you may be experiencing a slow draining sink in your home. You will learn the common causes of slow draining sink, and gain an understanding on how to avoid such an occurrence. Keep reading to find out why your sink is draining slowly and how you can fix the issue.

Debris clogging the drain will result to a slow draining sink

There are different kinds of debris that cause a slow draining sink. Examples can include dirt, hair, soaps, and food leftovers that buildup clogging the drain. In some instances, these problems leading to clogged sinks can be fixed by homeowners and might not require a plumber to help. Check the trap for any clogged debris and remove them to allow an easy flow of water. This involves removing the stopper and clearing the debris that build up, in order to fix the issue. You might try the plunger to help in removing all the debris. Use the drain-cleaning agent to break up the clog.

Pop-up of the sink not adjusted appropriately

The placement of the popup could also result into slowly draining sink. To test if this could be the issue, engage the stopper and fill the sink, and then remove the sink to see if it drains appropriately. If the sink does not drain appropriately, this could be a sign that the popup requires replacement. Contact an experienced plumber to help in fixing the issues to do with the sink popup.

Problem might not be in the sink

Note that slow draining sink does not always indicate that the issue is on the sink. It could be main drain that is blocked or a broken connection to the sewer system. You need a professional to check and fix such issues. The professional plumber may have to use the video system to inspect the drainage pipes. Alternatively, hydro jetting can be done to ensure the drain is cleared up letting smooth flow of water.

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